Discoin is a universal system for bots to exchange currencies with. Dice is integrated with Discoin and oats can be exchanged for other compatible currencies.


If you farm currencies, specifically, if you operate a server exclusively for earning currencies for Discoin-participating bots, or you are found intentionally spamming each bot to earn currencies, all participating bot owners will be notified. In other words, you are punished. You risk you or your guild being blacklisted permanently or having your profile deleted. We can and will track down each server and user's activity and are logging all transactions.

User guide

Conversion rates

Name Currency code To Discoin From Discoin
Dice OAT 0.1 1
DiscordTel DTS 1 0.9
EliteLooter ELT 0.9 1
KekBot KEK 3 1
Pollux RBN 0.9 0.95


Oats' three letter currency code is OAT. You use this when exchanging other currencies for oats.


Name Description
convert-oats Converts oats to another bot's currency
discoin-rates Lists the conversion rates for Discoin currencies

Receiving exchanged currencies

Every five minutes Dice checks for new currency exchanges from any currency to oats. Once a check is completed, your account is credited with the correct amount of oats.