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Dice Documentation

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What is this

This is the documentation for Dice. It serves as a reference for all the commands and their usage as well as information about Dice.

What is Dice

Dice is a Discord bot. It has lots of features including moderation, game stats, games, an economy, and many others.


  • Customizable prefix
  • Moderators can disable commands on their server
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Server notification system
  • Game statistics
  • Robust economy system


Name Description Group
prefix Shows or sets the command prefix. Utility
ping Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server. Utility
account-age Check when an account was created. Utility
average-numbers Gets the average of several numbers. Utility
bot-info Information about Dice. Utility
choose Choose an item from a list you provide. Utility
feedback Submit bugs and suggestions to the developer. Utility
help Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command. Utility
list-roles List all roles on a server. Utility
quote-message Quote a message from a text channel. Utility
role-info Get information on a role Utility
roman-numerals Converts numbers to and from roman numerals. Utility
statistics Get statistics on Dice. Utility
ban-user Ban any user from your server. Moderation
bulk-delete-messages Bulk delete messages in a text channel. Moderation
delete-role Delete a role from this server. Moderation
kick-member Kick a member from your server. Moderation
notifications Check or set what notifications for server events are sent to a channel. Moderation
unban-user Unban a user from a server. Moderation
bible Get any bible verse from the World English Bible Search
crypto-currency-look-up Look up a crypto currency. Search
lmgtfy Generate a let-me-Google-that-for-you link. Search
npm-search Get information about an NPM package Search
look-up-stock Get the price of a stock. Search
top-crypto-currencies Get prices for the top crypto currencies. Search
7-days-to-die-server-status Get information about a 7 Days to Die server. Games
csgo-server-status Get information about a Counter-Strike Global Offensive server. Games
dice-game Bet a wager on a multiplier. Games
fortnite-statistics Get statistics of a Fortnite player. Games
game-calculator Calculate the odds of winning a round of the betting game. Games
garrys-mod-server-status Get information about a Garry's Mod server. Games
information Get information on a user. Games
insurgency-server-status Get information about a Insurgency server. Games
overwatch-statistics Get statistics of an Overwatch player. Games
russian-roulette Play a game of Russian roulette. Games
rust-server-status Get information about a Rust Server Games
simulate-game Simulate a round of the betting game. Games
starbound-server-status Get information about a Starbound server. Games
date-facts Get a fact about a date. Fun
day-facts Get a fact about a day. Fun
number-facts Get a fact about a number. Fun
oldest-member See who the oldest member on the server is. Fun
random-cat-image Get a picture of a random cat. Fun
random-dog-image Get a picture of a random dog. Fun
roll-die Roll a die. Fun
xkcd Get an XKCD comic. Fun
year-facts Get a fact about a year. Fun
invite An invite link for Dice. Single response
nitro This message can only be viewed by users with Discord Nitro. Single response
support An invite to the Dice server. Single response
vote Vote once per day and get double your daily. Single response
add-self-role Add a role to a server's self roles. Selfroles
delete-self-role Delete a self-assigned role from this server. Selfroles
get-self-role Get a self-assigned role from this server. Selfroles
list-self-roles List all self-assigned roles from this server. Selfroles
remove-self-role Remove a self-assigned role from yourself. Selfroles
get-minecraft-body Shows a Minecraft user's body. Minecraft
get-minecraft-face Shows a front view of a Minecraft user's face. Minecraft
get-minecraft-head Shows an isometric view of a Minecraft user's head. Minecraft
get-minecraft-mini-me Shows a 'mini-me' of a Minecraft user's body with an option for a transparent background or gradient. Minecraft
get-minecraft-skin Get the skin of a Minecraft user. Minecraft
minecraft-server-status Get information about a Minecraft server. Minecraft
balance Check a user's balance. Economy
convert-oats Converts oats to another bot's currency. Economy
daily Collect your daily oats. Economy
discoin-rates Lists the conversion rates for Discoin currencies. Economy
leaderboard Shows a top ten leaderboard of who has the most oats. Economy
transfer Transfer oats to another user. Economy
base64 Converts text to and from Base64 encoding. Developer
color Display and convert a color. Developer
database-ping Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server and does a database request. Developer
shard Get info about this shard. Developer
groups Lists all command groups. Commands
enable Enables a command or command group. Commands
disable Disables a command or command group. Commands

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